Well, fine… be that way

Is it just me? Everything seems to irk me this week.

And last week.

And probably the week before that.

I’ve let the stupidest (is that a word?) things bug me lately. Of course there are the legitimate things that bug me, like the woman from the company that handles online payments for OG&E who was so patronizing I wanted to crawl through the phone line and wring her neck. There’s a reason it’s called “customer service”, and when you start treating your customers like they’re idiots, you won’t have that job long.

Then there’s Daniel rolling in long after we’ve gone to bed. I spent yet another night at Mom’s when all I went there to do is return her van. I have it again today, because God help anyone who tries to get Daniel out of bed before, say, noon, because more than likely, he has probably been asleep only a short time before the rest of the house is up.

So, I have the van, Jeff has the day off from work, so if Mom needs anything at the store before I get back to Edmond, Jeff can go get it. And, I think Daniel should take his grandmother to the store on his day off tomorrow.

That oldest boy of mine… he needs a swift kick in the drawers.

It looks like it’ll be the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. Cleveland’s win means the Yankees have been eliminated from further postseason play, and Joe Torre may be out of a job. In an article I read this morning, Torre is already talking about the Yankees as though he will no longer be their manager. Things like “they” instead of “we”.

I was so looking forward to hearing Jeff say “eat it Jeter!” during a BoSox/Yankees contest. LOL

That’s all from where I sit.


🙂 *wink wink nudge nudge*


2 thoughts on “Well, fine… be that way

  1. well, yes and no. it’s just life in progress. i have up days and down days like everyone else. i probably was just frustrated the day i wrote that.

    thanks for stopping by.

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