Could your birthday be on Easter Sunday?

It could be, if you were born between March 22 and April 25.

There are four people in my family who were born during the time of the year that Easter could fall on.

March 30: Dean (1963) and Jeff (1986)

March 31: Joey (2003)

April 19: Tori (1965)

The earliest date on which Easter could fall is March 22. This year, it falls on March 23. The latest is April 25.

So, Easter will not fall on either Dean’s or Tori’s birthdays again during their lifetime… unless of course they live to be over 100 years old each.

The next time it falls on Jeff’s birthday, he will be 73 years old. The last time it fell on his birthday was in 1997 when he was 11. And of course, he was born on Easter Sunday in 1986. The placard in his isolette actually said that the Easter Bunny brought him, not the stork (and that 10 hours of active labor on my part was for naught? LOL)

Easter will fall on Joey’s birthday in 2013, when he’s 10; then again in 2024 when he’s 21. After that, it will fall again on March 31st in 2086, when he’s 83.

I found all this lovely information here, if you want to check it out.

That’s all from where I sit.



19 thoughts on “Could your birthday be on Easter Sunday?

  1. My daughter was born on 4/19/92 (Easter Sunday), every year she has checked to see when her birthday will fall on Easter Sunday again and so far it hasn’t happened. Will it happen again, and if so, when? thanks

  2. march 26, 1975 and april 17, 1979….please give years when the march 26 birthday falls on Easter sunday and again when April 17 birthday falls on easter sunday. go out about 90 years. thanks.

  3. March 26 will fall on Easter Sunday in the following years:
    2062, 2073, 2084, 2119

    April 17:
    2022, 2033, 2044, 2101

    Here’s the website:

    You could have done this yourself, there was a hyperlink to this site in the post.

    For the April 19th birthdays: the next occurance is in 2076. That’s my sister’s birthday and she probably won’t live long enough to see it, since she’ll be something like 111 years old!

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Hey, I know this is an old post, but I found it by searching “Easter birthday.”

    Jimmy, I am turning 30 this Easter! This is the first time that Easter has fallen on April 24th since 1859, and it won’t happen again until 2095.

    My second son is the only other person in my family whose birthday (April 9th) falls in the right time of year. He will celebrate his 21st, 32nd, 43rd, and (hopefully) 100th birthdays on Easter!

  5. hmmm. I see that this Easter birthday thread has been “resurrected”?! 😛

    Son will celebrate his only occurrence this year as well — April 24th!

    Granddaughter will celebrate her three occurrences — April 18th — in 2049, 2055, and 2060!

  6. I was born on April 15, 1969. I have had 3 birthdays on Easter Sunday. (1979 1990 2001), I’m 42, won’t hit again until 2063. I will be 94 if still alive. I feel pretty blessed.

  7. today is my birthday it is 4/8/2012 and i was born in 84. i will not see easter on my birthday again unless i live over 100 years of age. today i made 28

  8. I have to say that I was born on Easter Sunday March 29 1970 and I have yet to have my birthday on Easter again – I’m very curious if it ever will be – I’ve come close my birthday was on Good Friday once but that’s the closest I’ve ever come.

  9. This will b the third time Easter Sunday will fall on my birthday. I fell so blessed. Like Joey I was born on march 31st also (1989) it happen every 11yrs for me. When I was 2, 13 & next year when I’m 24 & it will happen again when I’m 35. Such a blessing. I can only remember when I was 13. Not only was that awesome because it was Easter but because that my coming a “teen” age.

  10. I am turning 31 this Easter Sunday 4.5.15, and it will happen again until I turn 42 in the year 2026. I feel so blessed. I thank & praise you Lord for the gift of life.

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