I’ve got so much to say about…

  • the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team
  • Sarah Palin’s speech at the RNC
  • Life in general

Let’s take these one at a time and see how far I get.

The Oklahoma City NBA franchise is now called the Thunder, perhaps the WORST kept secret in sports (other than certain MLB players juicing, of course). The name and the colors were unveiled yesterday afternoon at a big rally at Leadership Square (and just where in Downtown is that, anyway?) to the sounds of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” (sure to be heard at all home games this season). Soon after the unveiling, Thunder merchandise was available for purchase.

Of course, yours truly was watching it on the news and didn’t get any of the new “Thunderwear”, but I will! And I’ll even try to drag Chaz to a game or two as well (he doesn’t know this yet though. He’s not real big into sports, and probably never has been).

So, now our team has a name, team colors, and some swag for purchase. They still don’t have uniforms, but they will by the first game. And they’re playing the Hornets some time in late October. That will be an interesting game. Better think about getting those tickets NOW!


Did you catch VP nominee Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention last night? I have to say that she’s a great speaker, gets her point across very well, fired up the crowd and generally cemented in most peoples minds that John McCain made the right choice for a running mate.

Note to the press: lay off Bristol, though. A candidate’s family, especially if they have children, is off limits in my book. Okay, so 17 year old Bristol is pregnant. She’s keeping her child, marrying the father (all of 18 years old), and has the support of her family. It has no bearing on whether Sarah Palin will make a good Vice President. Just lay off her kids… and Obama’s kids, too.


Life in general is just humming along. Looks like I’m moving to Edmond before the end of the month, school is going reasonably well (if I could just find the time to study more. It’s just too damn busy and noisy at Mom’s house).

Amanda still calls the house, just not as often. And twice this week, I think she’s called inadvertantly because she doesn’t lock the key pad of her cell phone.

Mom’s dog, Pinky is under the weather. She takes meds to control a skin condition that causes her to scratch herself unmercilessly, and she’s out. Mom’s taking her sweet time calling the vet though. I think she’s waiting for Dean or Tori to do it. 


Note to someone: would love to see you before I move… and after. Can you make a little time for me in your busy schedule?

That’s all from where I sit.



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