At the library, freezing my bodacious Italian backside off

It is just me, or are air conditioned building just a tad TOO air conditioned? It’s not like it’s 105 outside, but still, after you’ve been in it awhile, going out into 105 degree heat doesn’t sound too bad (at least, not until you start to sweat).

BTW, it’s NOT 105 today. It’s about 89.

Still waiting to hear when I can move into my new apartment. I’ve been told that it will be around the 19th or so. Meanwhile, I’m hunting up some boxes to put books and other stuff in.

And, I really, really need to do laundry. Mom’s dryer doesn’t work right, so I’m off to the Laundry Station in Del City to wash and dry some clothes.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the books and writing a paper for Philosophy. Oh. Joy.

I’ve got to get outta here. It’s too freakin’ cold!

Or maybe it’s just me.

That’s all from where I sit.



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