Getting closer to the “Big Move”

I have mentioned this before, but I HATE MOVING! I’d rather find one place and stay there long term than packing up and moving to another place every two years or so.

Yesterday, the property manager at the apartments I’m moving to in Edmond called to give me a progress report about when she expects my apartment to be ready. It looks like now that the 19th is still the date, subject to change of course.

I’ve been looking for boxes to pack stuff in, and I’m coming up against stores who either a) recycle the boxes they no longer use or, b) just throw them away because they are torn or damaged in some way.

I’ve asked  people if they have extra boxes where they work, or have some left over from previous moves, and all I’ve gotten is no all round.

The one person I didn’t think to ask is Daniel, which would have made sense because he works at a freakin’ grocery store! Of course, Daniel is still in bed when I go to school, and I’m not going to call him at work to ask (one of the reasons the boy needs to get his cell phone on my plan pronto… same for Jeff).

I’m sure that the boys and Dean are going to help me, at least with the furniture. “Big Blue” (as someone like to refer to my couch) took three people to get into my apartment, and will probably take that many at least to get it out of my apartment. The rest of the furniture will be a piece of cake. Then I can concentrate on cleaning and packing up smaller things… like the kitchen and bathroom.

And all this has to be done by the last weekend in September, because the 30th is on a Tuesday. I want to turn in the keys by then.

That’s all from where I sit.



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