It’s shaping up to be a rather interesting weekend…

We’ve got Ike coming from the Gulf; Lowell coming from the Pacific; and as of right now, Chaz and I are going to the fair tomorrow.

There’s a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.


According to the property manager of the apartments I’m moving to, new carpet is to be laid today. That means that all the painting, tiling, and other messy stuff should be done.

She’ll call me when I can come over to sign the lease.

I learned last night that Daniel has taken the 20th off to help me move. I hope I can still start moving by then.


I also learned today is Amanda’s birthday. She’s 21. Happy birthday! 🙂


I better go finish studying for my math test. I need to do well on it. I feel like I’m still playing catch up in that class, though. I’ll get caught up eventually… after I’m done vagabonding it and get my ass moved to Edmond.


I wish I were going to the fair with someone, too. Not that I don’t want to go with Chaz, but I want to go more than once. The fair is ten days long after all… plenty of time to go more than once.

That’s all from where I sit.



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