Meet me at the fair?

I’ve got Larry on Yahoo! Messenger, and he told me that he saw me at the fair yesterday! And he didn’t say hi?

Tsk, tsk…

Anyway, Chaz and I finally got to the fair. We were supposed to go Saturday, but it had been raining off and on all day so we decided to go Sunday instead.

It was a good thing we waited because yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! Not too hot, not too cold, nice breeze blowing. We went and saw all the stuff in the exhibition halls, saw some bad karaoke (fueled by booze, natch), walked around a lot, rode on the space tower in the middle of the fairgrounds (mostly because it wasn’t on the midway and it was free– and free is good!), watched a baby chick hatch from an egg,  saw goats (which reminded me of Larry because he raises them) and I bought a little jug of root beer.

All in all it was a good day, but then, I had to go back to Mom’s and study for a test in Speech class this morning.


I got home around 7 (before dark, as Chaz told me) and learned that despite the fact that Jeff had the day off, he had to go into work to put the milkshake machine back together, because the guy who took it apart didn’t know how. Daniel drove Jeff over there, and after Jeff was done fixing the machine, he and his brother were rewarded with free food!

And as Daniel told me when he came home from work last night, “We got free food because Jeff can fix shit.”

Jeff has always been good with fixing stuff. He must have gotten that from his father, and had it reinforced by his grandfather (my dad).

He really should go to school, get training and do that for a living. Think of all the money that boy could make!

Right now though, that boy should fix the tire on the van so I can drive on the freeway again. Can’t do that with the “donut” spare. Beats driving down Boulevard/Eastern/MLK from Edmond to Del City…

That’s all from where I sit.



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