The Big Move: Murphy strikes again

Murphy (of the Law) has cursed my move from one place to another.

Daniel took yesterday off to help me, then decided he was too tired because he and his brothers (and Scott’s girlfriend) decided to go to the fair Friday night. Then Scott got sick. Then…

The best laid plans, etc…

So I ended up moving all the stuff that I could fit in the van… a bookshelf, some dry erase boards, two 80 year old kitchen chairs, and one box of assorted crapola from the living room. Then I took it all to the new place and offloaded it.

Oh. Joy.

So now, it looks like that after Daniel and Jeff get off work, we’ll go get Scott and attempt to move the Big Blue Couch and the kitchen table and more boxes. And, do this all before a decent hour so Scott can get up for school in the morning.

I’m sure Marc would help too, but he’s on a camping trip with his scout troop somewhere in southwestern Oklahoma. He’ll be back tonight sometime.

Boy, I could sure use a pickup truck!

Of course, as things in my life go, Chaz decided to go visit his brother this weekend somewhere down south north of the Red River.

What happened to “friends help you move…”

Remind me to tell you some time the new shocker I learned about my own children this weekend…

That’s all from where I sit.


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