When in doubt, don’t…

There is something I want to write about, but I’m not sure that this is the proper venue for it. It’s something I’m concerned about, and since it’s about someone other than myself, I feel that it’s inappropriate at this time to say anything.

In the meantime, on to other things…


I’m almost moved out of the old place. I still have to get the couch and the now dismantled kitchen table out of there, pack up the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and clean. Then I’ll be done. How I am going to do all that AND do homework that’s due on Monday at 9am, I have no idea. The first is a week away. I’ve got to get some butts moving (Daniel, Jeff…) and get those last two pieces of furniture out and into my apartment in Edmond. It seems like it will take a miracle to get that done.

And now the van is acting up. This I do not need!


Speaking of the van acting up, I’m taking it in for an oil change after school. I think my mother expects me to pay for it. I can handle that if an oil change is all it needs. If it’s anything else, then Mom will have to reimburse me. She’ll argue that since I’ve been driving it, that keeping it maintained is my responsibility, but I’ll argue that since it’s her vehicle, and that she’s been told that it needs service on more than one occasion (which she conviently forgets when anyone brings it up), that it’s up to her to keep it serviced, no matter who drives it. If she doesn’t want to worry about that, then maybe she could be the only one who drives it (which won’t work because she can’t drive at night, or doesn’t feel well enough to go to the store, or whatever), or not drive at all. It’s not like she goes anywhere but the store and the doctor anyway.


I better get along to Algebra. There’s a test in there today that I have to go fail… LOL

Okay, okay… I’ve done pretty good on the tests in there. I actually haven’t failed any of them… yet.


That’s all from where I sit.


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