I’ve traded one well traveled roadway for another…*sigh*

I spent my first night at the new place last night. That does NOT mean that I’m completely moved out of the old place. With all the troubles with Mom’s van, I’m even more behind.

But, I digress.

In Del City, I lived right by the SE 15th Street exit of I-40. That wasn’t bad because I eventually got used to it.

Now, my bedroom faces Danforth near the high school, and it’s traffic and buses and high school kids from about 7am on. Not to mention the streetlamp that goes on and off at will all blessed night long.

But, I’ll probably get used to that, too, in time.

I need blackout curtains –for the bedroom at least. I wonder if they are still made and where I can get some. Anyone know?


Larry says that stress makes you strong. If that’s true, I should be Atlas by now! Seems my whole life is one big stressor. Though there are some people of the opposite gender that make stress go away… at least for a little while.


That’s all from where I sit.



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