Crazy weekend

But not for the reasons I’d like.

Homework, mostly. I think that I’ve fine tuned my speech to the nth degree. I was more worried about the works cited info than I was about the power point presentation. I hope that I’ve done everything right and that I get a good grade. I mean, that is the whole point of this exercise, right?

Maybe now I can dig deep into the studying for the Philosophy midterm I have to take tomorrow.


Got Mom’s van back from Bob Howard Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and it’s going to cost $3600 to fix the problem, which was not as bad as I had feared. It needs a valve job and new seals, because the van’s now burning oil (oh. great.). Since no one can really afford that right now, we elected not to have the work done and hope that the van will not do something undesirable, like strand Mom somewhere.


I got curtains for my apartment, but I need someone tall to help me get them on the window. I did the ones in the living room, since the blinds in there do not afford me as much privacy as I’d like. But I’m really too short to do it any justice, and so they drag on the floor a little bit. I need either Daniel (6’3″), or Chaz (6’1″) to help me do the ones in the bedroom.


I’m still wondering who knocked on my door Friday night. I was in no position to answer, and by the time I got there, whoever it was had already left. I hope someone didn’t make a special trip up here just to find that I was not home (I was! You shoulda called first!).


I better get back to Mom’s and see if she wants to go do the groceries now, or wait until tomorrow.

So why did I have to be at her house at 10am again?


That’s all from where I sit.



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