I need to put the new number on the “Do Not Call” list

So that Dish Network will leave me alone!


It’s about that time in the semester where money is getting uncomfortably tight. Moving has depleated my savings considerably. Now it turns out that I may need a new bed before long.

*rolls eyes*


I gave my speech yesterday, and it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. It sounded better when I rehearsed it, and ran more smoothly. I’m not sure I even want to know what my grade on it is. I just want to pass the class.


Mom still needs to go to the store to do big grocery shopping, but I can’t seem to get her to go. She sits in that stupid chair of hers and sleeps all day. Then when she wakes up she doesn’t want to do anything. This is where I come in. Since I’ve had the car, I’ve been running errands when I should be studying. Tonight, I have to go back to campus for a focus group at 6pm, and since the Eddy will have stopped running by then, I’ll need the van to get there, then Daniel to bring me back to my apartment when I return the van later.

I really need a car.


The second Presidential debate is tonight. I’m not sure I’m going to watch it. I probably will because I want to see the Dancing with the Stars results show, which will be on after the debate.

It’s getting to the point in this campaign that I’m tempted to not even vote, but since I’ve gone to all the trouble to re-register in Edmond, I will. I wonder if my polling place will be at the high school… it should be since I’m practically on their doorstep.


I’ll wait until the maintainence guy finishes installing the new water heater (the old one leaked to my horror… right into one of the bedroom closets!), then I’ll have lunch and head up the street to Mom’s house.


Yup. A surprise visit by one of my favorite people would be lovely. So when are you coming up here to surprise me (which I realize would spoil said surprise, but WTH…)?

I seriously need to de-stress and decompress…

Oh, and thanks for peeking 🙂


That’s all from where I sit.



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