Manners… or the lack thereof

Just read this article on “Divine Caroline” via Yahoo!

It’s about manners, people. Remember manners? Your parents tried to teach them to you when you were very young. Most parents succeeded in that task. I go to school with some of the ones where it didn’t take as well as Mom and Dad had hoped…

I’ve had more doors opened in my face more times than I care to count. Not so much as an “I’m sorry” I get when they realize that I’m standing there about to open the door. A lot of the time, I get a scowl, as in, what are you doing there, lady?

Hold the doors open for someone? Every once in a great while, there’s someone who does that for me (or others). Other times, I could be one or two steps behind someone and they just barge on thru the doorway with little thought as to who is right behind them.

Surrender your seat on the bus, train, or other mode of transportation to those patrons who are

  • elderly
  • pregnant
  • handicapped
  • traveling with small children in strollers
  • etc.

At least make the attempt. Doesn’t hurt, now, does it? You may be in a position to need that seat up close to the door someday.

Things that still urk me… iPods, Bluetooth headsets, cell phone conversations where the person on the phone is talking about stuff that’s no one else’s business, people driving and talking on their phone and/or texting at the same time… and definitely don’t be this chick .

If I could teach my kids manners, then anyone could. I had the boys saying please, thank you, yes/no ma’am/sir all the time. And, they still do it!

The last time that someone gave up a seat on a bus for me was the fall of 1983, when I was pregnant with Daniel. VERY pregnant! Granted, it was in a Navy town (North Chicago, Illinois/Great Lakes Naval Training Center), but still… I had three more children and rode the bus at least once or twice during all those pregnancies, but no one else offered their seat to me.

If you are manners challenged, pick up a book on etiquette and read it. Maybe you’ll run into me one day complimenting you on your manners.

Could happen, you never know.

That’s all from where I sit.



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