Who keeps ringing my doorbell?

And leaves before I get to the damn door!

And why couldn’t you be someone I actually want to see at my front door?!

So much for sleeping in today.


My only class today began at 11am. I actually considered not going because I was so tired. We were having a quiz today, and since quizzes in that class can’t be made up, I decided that maybe I better go.

I left my apartment at 10am and miraculously found a half way decent place to park at the Lib Arts building.

Turns out that I passed my midterm in that class, with the second highest score (or at least that is what I think the prof said). Part of the exam was an essay, and the prof read my essay out loud to the class because she thought it was so well done.


Now I’m home, watching Bonnie Hunt’s talk show, where Cat Cora (“Iron Chef”) is making Bacon ice cream.


I don’t know about you, but that sounds disgusting.

There’s liquid nitrogen involved, too.


Methinks I’m going to go check the mail. Maybe I’ll actually get something addressed to ME… as opposed to addressed to the previous resident of my apartment. And the yellow stickers are nice too.

That’s all from where I sit.



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