But Oklahoma State is 6 and 0

At least one school was able to stay undefeted…

Even UCO won their game yesterday, but they’re not anywhere close to 6-0.


I wish Mom would make up her mind whether she wants to do anything when she asks me to come over. Today, it was to go do groceries, but she didn’t feel like it, again.

And, if she thinks that after 60+ years of smoking full flavored cigarettes that smoking lights will improve things, she’s sadly mistaken. The damage is done. She coughs incessantly, she frequently runs out of breath just walking across the room, and can’t stand for long periods of time without having to sit. Even if she quit now (highly unlikely at this point), would that reverse her COPD?

Somehow, I doubt it.


I talked to Chaz yesterday and he’s not been feeling well. He has bronchitis and is just now feeling better. He was planning on getting his flu shot before his birthday (eight days from now), but he has to get over what he’s got first. He’s aiming for the end of the month instead.


According to a certain source, band dads go to band competitions and football games on Fridays and Saturdays in October.

Like I didn’t know that. *sigh*

I was a band kid once.


I have a test in Speech class tomorrow Monday. I’ve been studying for it off and on all weekend. I feel really stupid that I overslept on Friday. I woke up at 11:15 am, about the time my math class had been going on. I missed that, too.

And Philosophy had already been cancelled because the prof had to present a paper in downtown OKC Friday afternoon. I hope his presentation was more informative than some of his class lectures are.

He’s a nice guy, but his lectures are boring!


I probably should think about making dinner. I’m getting a bit hungry ’round the edges.


I need some excitement! Something happy and unexpected, like someone I know surprising me at my door;

NOT the Gene Simmons look alike guy who came by this afternoon looking for the man who lived in my apartment before me.

Oy. Vey.


I couldn’t sleep last night, so I rearranged my bedroom. What else does an insomniac do in the middle of the night?


That’s all from where I sit.




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