Setting up a lunch date with someone practically requires a freakin’ act of Congress!

Do I have to petition Congress to just have lunch?! I ask you…


I changed the address on my driver’s license today, and that required a whole new license. My new license has my new address on it and the absolute WORST pic of me ever taken for a driver’s license. It’s even worse than the one I got in the 80’s with my big hair and awful eyeshadow (though 20 years ago, it was cool. Go fig). I really, really do look like the obese version of my mother, considering my mother weighs next to nothing and has lost three inches of height due to osteopherosis.

The good news is that it expires in February of 2010, when I’m 46. That’s a little more than a year from now…


Now, about that having lunch together while I’m off from school for all of 2 days?

That’s all from where I sit.



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