Heidi who? And why should I care who she “endorses” for President?

I read over this article on Yahoo! and I have a burning question (or maybe it’s just a burning question to an old broad like me, I don’t know)…

Who the hell is Heidi Montag, and why should I give two hoops in Hades who she endorses for President? For the record, she endorsed John McCain.

I wonder if John McCain even knew who she was before he “endorsed her… back”.

Apparently, Miss Montag is on a show called “The Hills” (I’ve never seen it), and she’s one of those blonde California cuties people go ga-ga for.

Bottle blonde, by the way.

Is she even old enough to vote?

That would be like Miley Cyrus announcing she’s supporting one of the major candidates. If memory serves, sixteen year olds can’t vote.

I don’t know if what I think will make a difference in anything as far as so-called “celebrities” are concerned. As far as I know, Miss Montag is just a young girl on a show I’ve never heard of or watched (most of reality TV is crap these days, anyway).

And, as this is MY opinion, and MY opinion only, please no hate mail from Heidi fans. Thank you.

That’s all from where I sit.



One thought on “Heidi who? And why should I care who she “endorses” for President?

  1. How is this different from Obama getting endorsements from those celebrity geniuses like Ashley Judd or Bruce Springsteen? I wouldn’t vote for anyone based on something a celebrity said unless he or she had a track record on some political issue or social justice issue.

    But at least she did pick the candidate who keeps his word.

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