I won! and the Obama snoozefest…

In the last couple of days, I’ve won two raffles.

The first one was for tickets to this Saturday’s (Nov. 1) Oklahoma State home game. I’m on this text messenging list and they ran a contest that the 15th person to text in a certain word would win the tickets. By some miracle, I was the 15th person!

Now I’ll have the tickets later today, as they’re being express mailed, and I don’t know who I could ask to take me up to Stillwater and enjoy the game at the perpetually under some kind of construction Boone Pickens Stadium. There is one person I’d like to ask, but I’m afraid to. They’re always too busy to hang out with me. I can chip in for gas…

I guess I could ask Chaz, but I don’t know if he’d really want to go. I get the impression that college football isn’t his thing. He’s not a big sports person anyway. But I’ll ask him anyway.

Am I being disloyal to UCO by going to the OSU game? Hmmmm…

The second contest was a raffle held during Homecoming Week last week. I had completely forgotten I’d entered it until the gal who ran it called me while I was on my way to campus on the Eddy this morning. I won a t-shirt (too small, but I can exchange it), a calculator, and a pen.

Okay, it’s not tickets to a football game, but it’s still nice.


Barack Obama bought half an hour of time tonight on (I think) seven different networks. It began at 7pm, and by 7:01pm, I was out like a light. So maybe it wasn’t boring, but I can’t say that I saw it. I’ve gone far beyond being interested in anything about the Presidential race except voting next Tuesday. It couldn’t get here soon enough.

And no, I’m not going to tell who I’m voting for.


The Phillies won the World Series. They finally played the final part of the game that had been suspended the other night because of the rain in Philadelphia. Congrats to them for winning, and congrats to Tampa Bay for an exciting series. Any team that can beat the Red Sox (no mean feat) deserves to be in the Series. I only wish that Boston could’ve defended their title.

There’s always next year. GO SOX!!!

That’s all from where I sit.


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