Here I am…

My knee still hurts like nobody’s business, even though I’m icing it every hour for 15 minutes, and I can take more Aleve in a couple hours.

My day sucks. Seriously.

Was talking to Larry earlier, and he said he’d be back “in a bit”. I didn’t know that “in a bit” meant, like, Monday?! Probably just really got into what he was doing, then went home. I don’t know. It’s not like I have to know absolutely everything he does. And I don’t. He can be very tight lipped about things he just doesn’t want to talk about.

Wrote to all the professors whose classes I missed today, and so far, have heard from only one.

I could probably take a nap.

I should probably ice my knee again. It’s about that time. It kinda reminds me of processing film, only much, much slower. Agitate for 15 minutes. Wait 45 more. Agitate 15 minutes, wait 45 minutes. After about a week, you have one fixed knee…

If it were only that simple.

And NOTHING in my life is simple. Everything HAS to be oh, so hard, um, difficult.

God, I’m so bored. And me stuck with only the Phaedo to read. Whoop. eeee.

There goes the phone… oh, it’s Mom. Gotta go.

That’s all from where I sit.



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