Saturday: OKC Thunder fire coach to “Happy Fish” to thrift store shopping

and watching the Sooners beat the stuffing outta Texas Tech

I woke this morning to a text from the local sports radio station that the Oklahoma City Thunder had fired coach PJ Carlesimo after the embarrasing loss to the New Orleans Hornets last night. The Thunder is 1-13 with their loss tonight to the same team under their new coach.

The Thunder is now the worst team in the NBA… how sad!

What’s wrong with our team, y’all? We have some great talent… why doesn’t it translate to bigger numbers in the “W” column? Was it really Carlesimo’s coaching (because he certainly got the blame), or what?

We may be at the bottom, but we don’t have to stay there!


Chaz came over today so we could go have lunch and poke around some thrift stores for bargains. We went to lunch first at this place in Edmond called Dynasty Buffet, where, in a ginormous fish tank were these guys:

Happy fish 2

Are these not the silliest looking fish you’ve ever seen? They look like they’re blissfully unaware of anything, and have the facial expressions to match. I laugh just looking at these guys! I could only get two in the picture, but there were six total, along with some dour looking koi.

Chaz asked why I had to take pictures of everything… and I told him, “Look at these fish! They’re smiling!”


After lunch it was off to the first of three thrift stores that Chaz wanted to visit. Didn’t see anything at the first place that struck either of our fancies, so we went to the 2nd place. There I found a toaster, still in great shape, by a well known manufacturer. The third place was the thrift store over by my old apartment in Del City. I hadn’t been in Del City since I moved, so it was good to be back there. I miss it (really, Larry, I do!), and if it weren’t for the fact that I have no car and the buses there don’t run into Edmond so I could attend classes at UCO, I’d have stayed. Maybe after while, when I get a car, I could look into coming back down that way, but not in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, at that thrift store, I found a couple of things, Chaz found a couple of things, but by then it was getting late and we left to go back up to Edmond.


We were hungry by the time we got back in Edmond, so we went to one of the restaurants by UCO for a quick bite, then went back to my apartment to see the second half of the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game.

Well… Tech could have called that game in, because at halftime, it was already OU 42 and Tech 7. In the second half, Tech managed to get another TD, and OU got 23 more points! It was a rout! The final score was 21-65 Oklahoma!

Chaz then went home, and here I sit.

Tomorrow, I have to finish the paper for Philosophy, because it’s due Monday at 2pm.

Finals week is coming…

That’s all from where I sit.



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