My stats crack me up sometimes…

So far, according to WordPress, my stats are as follows:

Title Views
Bras 10 More stats
Stages of the flu (you DON’T want to get 6 More stats
Saturday: OKC Thunder fire coach to “Hap 5 More stats
Boobs… 2 More stats
“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well, Hor 1 More stats
The autospy report for Skyla and Taylor 1 More stats
I used to live in Massachusetts… so wh 1 More stats
Lady, hang up the f’n phone and drive th 1 More stats
The real meaning of BFF* 1 More stats
Dude, you think you can gut that deer so 1 More stats
What are they doing in Heaven today? 1 More stats

Are people who have accessed the “Bras” post hoping to see an overweight middle aged woman wearing a bra that appears to be to big for her?

Silly people.

I’d never post a pic of myself like that on my blog. Only a handful of people have seen me that way, and I’d like to keep it as such.

I also think that it’s funny that nearly a year after I wrote the post about the flu, that it’s still getting hits. It’s the most popular post on my blog. Seriously, if you think you have the flu, go to the doctor and get checked out. And for the deity of your choice’s sake, don’t go to work, school, church, or anywhere there’s a lot of people around. That’s how I got the flu last winter.

I like that the blog seems to be a little more popular now. I always like to hear from the folks who take the time to stop by. If you are so moved to leave a comment, please do. Show a grrl a little love!

That’s all from where I sit.



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