My holiday weekend has begun…

However it still includes homework, reading assignments, and writing papers. And with finals only a couple weeks off, the pressure’s on.

This afternoon, I’m going to attempt to cook a turkey so I’ll have something to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, if indeed I am asked. If not, I’ll have leftovers for the next two weeks.


This morning on the Eddy, there was a different driver, and he had the radio on. What was playing was “Alone” by Heart, which came out around 1985. I always remembered this dumb thing that some disc jockey said about the song: “The Ann and Nancy Wilson Savings and Loan asks the questions ‘How Can I Get You a Loan’.”

Must have not been too dumb if I remember it 20+ years later, huh?


Well, how can I get you alone?


I’m still at school, so I better get my butt out to the bus stop and head home.

That’s all from where I sit.



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