Blast from the past…

I found someone I hadn’t heard from in over 10 years online yesterday. I found him on MySpace of all places! So I screwed up my courage and sent him a friend request and a short note explaining who I was (after all, it has been a long, long time). More than likely, he doesn’t know that I changed my name when I divorced, and if he ever did think about me in those 10+ years, it was with Jon’s surname and not mine.

I have no idea if he even remembers me. The last time I saw him, he was dropping me off in front of my apartment in Norfolk (near the Zoo). He handed me a bottle of beer and said he’d see me later.

Then nothing… for nearly 12 years.

I got curious about 5 or 6 years ago and tried looking for him on the internet. All I found was a bunch of old articles from the Virginian-Pilot newspaper about activities that he’d been involved with. These articles were so old, that some of them came from the now-defunct Ledger-Star (the Virginian-Pilot’s sister publication that came out in the afternoon).  But, nothing more recent than, say, 1995. It was like he’d fallen off the face of the earth, or at least didn’t want to be found.

So it was a surprise that I actually found him on MySpace. I was looking for someone else when I saw a listing for a man who lived in the same city this guy does, and was about the same age (give or take a year either way). So I clicked on it, and though it was set to private, there was enough information that convinced me that he was who I was looking for.

So I sent the friend request.

I don’t know if he’ll approve it or not. I may not even hear from him. But there is something I wanted to say to him that a note on MySpace couldn’t even begin to convey.

The ball is in his court now.

That’s all from where I sit.



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