Find the ordered pair… zzzzzzz

Falling asleep in the middle of studying for my math final is not how I expected to spend my weekend.

You will notice that I changed the look of the blog for the holidays. It goes back to the usual look (i.e. non holiday) after New Years. Whether I’ll use the same theme is up in the air.

Back to ordered pairs, plotting points, and the order of operations. I have to pass this final. I’ve already enrolled in the next class to make up my deficiency in higher math. I’ve said this before, but if I could get my BA without college level math, I’d be a happy grrl…

Then after the final, it’s off to see what’s become of my unemployment benefits. I was approved for extended benefits, but Oklahoma has changed how people get paid, so instead of a check, I’m getting a state issued debit card. As of yesterday, I have yet to receive it. So I’ll have to call the Unemployment line and wait on hold for Lord knows how long.

Kinda hard to pay bills without money.

That’s all from where I sit.



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