Blast from the past, part deux

It’s been a week now since I sent the friend request to the person I knew back in Norfolk nearly a dozen years ago, and he either:

  • doesn’t remember me
  • does remember me and doesn’t want to re-establish contact
  • or, thinks I have a “reason” (i.e. an ulterior motive) for getting back in touch

All I wanted was to say hello and catch up on what has happened in the years since I last saw him. I have no agenda. I mean, I live 1000 miles away from there and am not likely in the foreseeable future of going back.

But if he’s decided that he doesn’t want to get back in contact, well that’s entirely up to him.

I’m a little disappointed, yeah. But not surprised.

Just trying to find old friends on MySpace. Just a fluke that I found him. I certainly wasn’t looking. My curiosity got the better of me, and well, it bit me in the ass.

Lesson learned.

That’s all from where I sit.



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