What just happened here?!

I made the previous post about an hour ago, and I have now gotten more hits in that hour than I had for all of yesterday.

What happened? A site called alphainventions.com happened.

Yikes! The last time I had stats like this was when I made a comment on Curt Schilling’s blog (38pitches.com) about this time last year.

I’m quite pleased and a little suspicious… stuff like this just doesn’t happen to my li’l ole blog. It takes some getting used to. I never claimed I was as stimulating as, say, the Huffington Post, after all. This is just a blog about the life of a mid 40’s college student and mom.

Though I may have something to say about all the fuss surrounding Barack Obama’s country of birth. He was born in Hawai’i and last I checked, Hawai’i is still part of the United States.

But more on that later. Maybe.

But, wow! Just wow!

That’s all from where I sit.



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