Return of Daniel’s Cobalt, cold weather coming, and other mindless pursuits…

Daniel learned earlier this week that his car is fixed (needed new clutch), and that he could pick it up anytime on Monday. So now someone at Mom’s house has wheels. Mom wishes it were her though. She hates having to ask others to do things for her or take her someplace.

Monday, we’re supposed to get cold temps, ice, snow and/or sleet, and if you don’t have to go out, don’t. I just hope it isn’t a major league ice storm like the one last year. Only good thing is that I won’t miss school.

I didn’t get the money I was expecting on Friday. They don’t tell you that you won’t get what’s left over after paying tuition and fees for another month. Meanwhile every-f’n-thing is overdue. And the unemployment is just as bad. Now they tell me I won’t get my card until next week. After midnight tonight, I can file for another week.

Ain’t life grand? 😛

(Soapbox alert!)

What I wouldn’t give to have a steady, reliable income, a car, and my bills paid on time every month. Finding a job is next to impossible (trust me, I’ve looked. I know I’m not the only one out there pounding the pavement).

It almost makes you lose faith in mankind and in the government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people. The only people getting anything out of this are the rich folks who won’t really miss a thousand bucks missing. I lose a thousand bucks and I’m in the poorhouse.

Personally, I could use a couple mil if the government is just giving it away.

They are just giving it away, just not to the people who need it the most– the ones who are one paycheck or one catastrophe away from complete and utter disaster.

Don’t sit there and read this and think that all I have to do is go get a job. Know how many people are unemployed in this country? Far, far too many. And we’re ALL looking for jobs, doing anything.

This isn’t where I expected to be two months from my 45th birthday, that’s for damn sure!

(Stef steps off soapbox now)

That’s all from where I sit.



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