Stephanie or Ms. Pera…

I’ve been having this discussion with someone about how younger people should address them in social situations. So, I ask this:

How do you wish to be addressed by young people in social situations?

Personally, it depends on who it is and the situation at the time. At school, where I am considerably older than most of my classmates, we are essentially equals so being called by my first name is acceptable. However, if it’s one of my son’s friends who I’ve not met before, I might ask them to call me “Ms. Pera” until such time that I know them better. Or, if I’m in a store or an office and the person speaking to me (say a receptionist) is younger than me, then calling me by my first name would be inappropriate.

So, tell me by voting in the above poll what you prefer. You’re always welcome to leave a comment on this post as well.

That’s all from where I sit.



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