I don’t know about you, but

…I can’t wait for Christmas to be over already!

The last minute shoppers, the crowded stores, those hardy soles that go out three days before driving on an inch of ice with 5 inches of snow on top (that actually happened a couple years back). I just wish it was all over.

Of course, stuff for Valentines Day will go up on the 26th. Sheesh!

What’s bought is bought, and whatever’s not bought isn’t going to get bought.

I just wish Chaz wasn’t spending Christmas alone. But, he says he doesn’t mind. Like his birthday, he says it’s just another day to him.

If I can swing it, and am able to either borrow a car or talk someone into driving me into Chaz’s neighborhood, I’m going to try and go see him on Wednesday. If not, I’ll definitely call him.

I think I’d like Christmas a lot more if I had someone to spend it with. Someone I can dote on. But Chaz isn’t that someone. He’s made that perfectly clear.

So I’ll find other ways to make this a better holiday for me. I’ve been so busy with school and such that sleeping is all I seem to accomplish some days.

I’ve got to get some things done before I go back to school on January 12th. A lot of that I can’t do until I get my financial aid money after New Year’s.

I’m not even going to attempt to find a date for New Year’s Eve. Chances are it will be really, really cold, and I don’t want to stand outside in downtown OKC waiting for the ball to rise (as opposed to the ball dropping in Times Square). 2009 is coming whether I stand outside in downtown OKC or I stay indoors at Mom’s for example. I’m betting on Mom’s though. She and I will drink ginger ale at midnight or something.

There is someone I’d love to spend New Year’s with, but I don’t think that will be possible. Not this year at any rate.

Or any other.

That’s all from where I sit.



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