I think I’m trying to come down with something, and I don’t like it

I don’t know if I’m just getting a semester’s worth of sleep in a short period of time, or if my resistance is so low that the minute I get back to school, I come down with the flu, bronchitis, or something.

That will not be fun, because I just got over a major cold, and I don’t want to get sick again. The cold weather doesn’t help. Mike Morgan on KFOR said that we can expect a change in the weather this week. Anything over freezing and less than a gale wind-wise will be okay with me!

It should either snow if it’s going to be this cold, or get up to around 60. But the bitter cold and the wind… you can keep that!

I wonder… naaah, I won’t do that to myself.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Soon 2008 will be a distant memory. I had good memories this year. How about you?

That’s all from where I sit.



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