“Why don’t you give a random woman half your paycheck and call it done?”

More from the Ex-files:

Saon keeps talking about ending his not quite year old marriage, but he really hasn’t done anything about it. Meanwhile, he IMs me on Yahoo! Mess-up-enger and complains incessantly about how awful his Mrs. is, and what a spoiled brat her daughter is.

Scared me there for a bit when he said he was coming to Oklahoma City to visit. I thought, Oh, Lord, please don’t do this to me! Then I told Saon that I would be too busy with school and such, to which he replied, “I was joking!”

Some joke. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Yesterday, Jon calls me on my cell and chit chats about computers, then tells me that his mother wants me to tell the boys to call her more often.

One, her fingers are not broken, so she can call them.

Two, she can’t call me herself and tell me this? She has to use her son to get messages to me? If you ask me, that’s pretty chickenshit. Personally, I think she doesn’t want to talk to me. After all, I divorced her son! And, her too if you think about it. God only knows what pile of BS he’s told her about me.

Three, she was never really a big part of these boys’ lives, so why start now? Because she’s getting old and my kids are the only grandsons she has (unless her youngest son has produced progeny in the last 25 years, which I seriously doubt).

Perhaps  if she weren’t a living, breathing door mat, I might have sympathy for her. But she let her husband make all the decisions (“I’ll have to ask Jim”, she’d say when Jon would call her to ask for money. And Jim always said no).  Anything to please… Lord, how awful it must be to live life to please some arrogant SOB, and choose him over your own children.  My mother has even said she wouldn’t be surprised if Jon’s mom remarried, because it seemed to Mom that she (Jon’s mom) is not complete without a man.

Oh. Please.


I don’t need other people’s drama. I have plenty of my own, thankyouverymuch.

That’s all from where I sit.



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