Running around town trying to get it all done… and other flights of fancy

Didn’t even come close to getting it all done. For that, I’m going to need a car.

Um, Chaz…?

The bus thing, for things other than getting to and from school, really and truly bites the big one. Major grocery shopping is not possible when you have to carry everything on the bus (and believe me, I’ve tried it). Getting to and from anywhere that isn’t serviced by Metro Transit is next to impossible.

I’ll be forced to use cabs again if this keeps up. And with all the complaining I’ve done about the local cab company, I really don’t want to have to go that route.

All I did get accomplished today was to have lunch, get my hair cut and pick up a couple of things at WalMart. And that took three hours!


It was a nice day today. It was around 75 degrees (in the middle of winter, no less!), a bit breezy and mild. Tomorrow, the bottom drops out and it gets cold again.

No wonder I can’t get rid of this cold! I start feeling better when it’s warmer then it gets cold and the congestion, sneezing, feeling like crap starts all over again. This is still the same cold I caught right before finals, so I’ve had it a month already… and the spring semester starts a week from Monday.

(Cue eye roll)

That’s all from where I sit.



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