Damn! What was in that stuff?

Good thing I did my running around yesterday when it was in the 70s, because today, it’s barely above freezing. This is something that this lingering cold of mine does not need.

I bought this cold and flu stuff by Zicam yesterday and I took it before bed last night (even though it’s a “daytime” formula), and it knocked me right the hell out! I had the best sleep I’ve had in two weeks last night. The gunk in my throat and nasal passages is breaking up, and it has to go somewhere. I’ve been not more than a foot from any box of kleenex since!

My goal, of course, is to kick this thing to the curb before the 12th when I go back to school. I started and ended the fall semester with a cold, and I don’t want a repeat performance, thankyouverymuch.

I’m getting antsy to go back to class. I have to buy textbooks this week, and I’m so not looking forward to dropping up to $500 on them. Why do college textbooks, even used ones, have to be so damned expensive, and worth less than half their value at the end of the semester when you sell them back?

Colds and textbooks… this is what my world is about this week. Exciting, huh?

That’s all from where I sit.



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