The big bass drum over my left eye

This is what I woke up with this morning… the one sided headache from hell.

It’s this damn cold! I can’t seem to shake it. When I feel even a little bit human, I go out and run errands and get stuff done. Like today, I may run over to UCO and buy my books, have my ID card stamped for the new semester, and find out where in the library room 212 is, because I have a class there.

I think I may have some Tylenol or Aleve around here somewhere.


Speaking of school, I found out last night that Daniel’s friend, Kathy, is in one of my classes (we’re both Mass Comm majors). I wasn’t sure it was her at first on the list I was able to access thru UCOnnect, so I called Daniel to ask what her last name was. Turned out I did know her last name and it is her in that one class. I wonder if she’ll remember meeting me that one night about a year and a half ago. I’m not even sure I’ll recognize her, except that she’s this tiny thing.

I can tell you I like her a whole lot more than the girl that Daniel is seeing now (although he told me he broke it off, she still calls over to Mom’s house occasionally).


I caught you peeking on Friday! 😉


That’s all from where I sit.



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