Make a run for the border…

and I don’t mean Taco Bell…!

No more excuses… just do it! LOL 😉


Gotta get the errand running out of the way while the weather’s still somewhat nice. I have stuff I gotta do, okay?

Today I got an invitation in the mail for my friend Kalea’s baby shower. I know where she’s registered, so I’m just going to get a printout of her list and see what I can add to her (I’m sure) ever burgeoning baby stash. She and her fiance’ already know what they’re having, so that will make getting something a lot easier.


Chaz is fighting a cold, and he never gets sick! He’s the healthiest person of any age I know. He told me he’s keeping with his usual routine with the exercise and the crazy diet he put himself on… he says he’s lost 25 pounds. For some reason, he’s decided that his “fighting weight” is 210, and he’s not far from that now. I guess that’s okay for a man who’s 6′ 1″…

That depresses me a little…

Why is it so easy for a 65 year old man to lose weight, and so hard for me? I barely eat anything now, and I walk just about everywhere. Maybe it’s because I’m female and almost 45… I don’t know.


😦Don’t get my hopes up… I’ll believe it when you’re standing at my door asking to come in..

That’s all from where I sit.



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