Cat furniture and things I want (as opposed to need)

There is this ad on Facebook for “Luxury Cat Furniture”. I think this is hilarious!

Do they honestly think cats care if they have their own furniture? Sounds like the ad is geared towards people who have too much money and not enough time on their hands.

And, I never did understand why some people treat their pets (be they cats, dogs, gerbils, ferrets, etc) like or better than human children. I have children, and I’ve had cats… children need to be taken care of. So do cats, but sometimes they look at you like, “hey, I really don’t give a shit what you do, just as long as I have food, water, and a clean place to poop.”

Oh, and old furniture of yours to destroy.


Yesterday, I was at Walmart, and I saw two things I really, really want… but don’t really, really need: a digital camera for under $100 and a mini laptop (notebook?) for $350.

As nice as it would be to have both of those things (my birthday is in a month, BTW), I just don’t need them now. I have a camera in my phone, and I’m writing this post on my laptop… the one I bought in 2007 shortly after I started at Rose State and WinVista came out. Forget for a moment that the mini notebook laptop runs XP… I’m happy with what I have for now.


I’m not holding my breath for a phone call from a certain someone this weekend. If I have to continue the balancing act between them and Chaz, I will.

Not that Chaz is all that interested in anything lately. I think he’s convinced himself that he’s too old for me, and maybe he’s right. I still enjoy his company when he wants to be around. Suffice it to say that I don’t think we’re a) dating and/or b) a couple anymore. Just friends. Somehow, I think we got this backwards last March when we met.

He certainly wasn’t expecting me, that’s for sure.

That’s all from where I sit.



One thought on “Cat furniture and things I want (as opposed to need)

  1. What a fantastic post! I loved how you grouped your thoughts together… yet, kept them separate. Bravo!

    Forget Chaz! It’s a new year… time to put on a fresh pair of undies and paint the town, mama! 😀

    Thanks for stopping my lil’ patch of! I appreciate the bloggy love!


    Adonya Wong
    Author | Autism Blogger

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