I’ve been cold all damn day long!

And at just past 7:30pm CST, I’m finally warm.

There was snow… a little bit of it. Not much to brag about. Mostly though, there was cold, wind, and not wanting to do anything but get home!

I was wearing my heavy jacket, a sweatshirt, a tee shirt, and jeans. Should have put a layer under the jeans, though. Can’t seem to find thermal underwear in my size.

I hope it either warms up soon, or it decides to stay cold and snow.


I’d love to be on a nice, warm, tropical beach right now… with someone specific. I like cold weather, but the up and down temps are driving me nuts!


I only have one class tomorrow. I could conceivably be home by 12:30pm. But, I might just go to that dollar store (Dollar Tree?) across the street from Walmart and see if they have desk calendars that start in January 09, rather than the ones that started in July of 08.

Pick up some groceries and supplies, come home, pay bills, and crash!


I want a cat.

=^.^= –<meow


I was going to say something about this film I saw in Intro to Mass Comm yesterday, but I think it’ll keep til the weekend.


That’s all from where I sit.


🙂 I wanna see you. How can we make this happen?

One thought on “I’ve been cold all damn day long!

  1. LOL. Wow very random but I like. LOL… My coat is kind of short so my behind was frozen yesterday literally…I sure made sure I put on sum thermals when I was getting ready this morning. Keep up the good work.

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