I must be tired, because…

  • I messed up Larry’s official title…
  • I missed the bus, and the next one was late
  • I said something stupid in American Lit
  • I don’t feel like doing much of anything but vegging out

In other news, there was a fire in the Food Court at the UC this afternoon. The alarm went off and no one seemed to be doing anything or going anywhere until a guy named Todd said so. Soon everyone was ushered out of the building, but no fire trucks or other first responders (other than University Police) showed up.

Within about 20 minutes, there was an all clear given and people went back inside and resumed what they were doing.

I’m glad the University was on top of it, though.


Saon was just on Yahoo! Messenger, telling me about how much money he made with the cab last week. Does he really feel he has to brag?

Oh, STFU already, dude. It’s just money.

And it’s not polite to brag about how much you make.


Speaking of jobs… I got the dreaded email for yet another on campus job saying thanks but no thanks. Who do I have to bribe or sleep with to get one? (<—JUST KIDDING!!!)


I need to get to either a Babies “R” Us or a Target to buy a baby shower gift for my friend Kalea’s shower on the 31st. Those are the places she’s registered her list of needed/wanted items. I’m going to have to print out the list(s) so I have some clue as to what she still needs.


Better get wrapped up here.

That’s all from where I sit.



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