I wonder… since Jon forgets everyone else’s birthdays

if he remembered his mother’s. It’s today. I think she’s 74.

Can you tell I keep up with the woman’s actual age? LOL

All I know is that she’s younger than my mom.


I can’t believe this: almost live– Foreigner on PBS’ “Soundstage”! Geez, I remember when they were one of the bigger arena rock acts in the 70’s and 80’s.

Apparently it was on last night, because tonight it’s on the OKLA channel (digital 13.2 in Oklahoma City… courtesy of the upcoming DTV conversion) with the DTV converter box.


I finished a paper for my History of Journalism class that’s due Monday on our reflections of a series of videos we saw in class about the media in the 60’s and how things like the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam, JFK, LBJ, Martin Luther King, etc. was covered, and how it compares to things happening now.

I was born in 1964, so there are some things that I barely remember, and some that I don’t remember at all and read about long after the fact.

But, what about my fellow classmates, many of whom were born in the mid to late 80’s? All of this is ancient history to them. But if they paid attention to the videos, this assignment still won’t be hard.


(OMG! “Double Vision”!)


Chaz has decided to come out of hiding (he’s completely over the cold he had a couple of weeks ago) and we’re going to do something tomorrow. Just hang out, I guess. I do have some errands to run and things to buy, so hopefully we’ll get to do some of that.

I had called him when I got in from school to see if he wanted to do something this weekend, and he was on the phone with his first wife (the one he had his kids with. He and his late 2nd wife didn’t have any children) about something he’d tell me about when he called me back.

So, of course, I’m thinking the worst. Something’s happened to one of his kids or his grandkids. Finally he calls me back, and he tells me what’s going on, and it’s not so dire. Serious, yes, but no one’s died or gotten hurt.

Me and my overactive imagination… sheesh!


“Jukebox Hero” is playing now, but I have it on mute. It’s one of the few songs by Foreigner that I don’t really care for.

But, for some reason, it reminds me of a long lost friend of mine from high school. Someone I haven’t heard from in about 20 years or more, and isn’t one of the high school classmates I’ve reconnected with on Facebook.


Well, this post has dragged on long enough. I’ll wrap it up here.

That’s all from where I sit.


🙂 thanks for peeking, cowboy.

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