Hanging out with Chaz and “OMG, that’s me!!”

Yesterday, Chaz and I went out and ran around town for the first time in about two months. He wanted to check out some computers because he’s thinking of getting one, and I wanted to get something for Kalea’s baby shower next weekend. So we ended up in Moore (where, ironically enough, the baby shower will be held at the local library) and kicked around there for a while.

We had gone to Walmart and looked at the computers, and Chaz seemed impressed. He’s so not a techie, it’s not funny. He wants a computer for only one thing: to download music from Limewire. It almost seems a shame that he’ll have to pay for internet service just for that!

Oh, and remember I mentioned that Chaz had lost weight? He’s now lost a grand total of 40 lbs, and he is looking good! He wants to get down to 200 lbs, and he’s got 15 more pounds to go. And with all the exercising he does, he’ll be the only 65 year old man in town with washboard abs!


Here’s a blast from the past:

OMFG its CMHS Band Camp 1978

This picture is from my freshman year of high school, my first with the marching band. If you look at the date (under the “S” in Mesa), it was taken in 1978… when I was 14 years old!

I’m in the third row, in the center, between a girl with a bass clarinet and a blonde boy with a clarinet. I played the saxophone.

I can’t believe that I was a) that young and b) that thin!

That little kid at the end of the first row on the right? He’s the director’s son. He must be about 40 now, but then, he was a royal pain in the ass (as little boys are wont to do)!

I had this picture (and the ones for the following three years after that) in the basement of an apartment building that we lived in from 1997-1999. During the winter of 97, the basement flooded and I lost all my yearbooks, those band camp pictures, Daniel and Jeff’s baby books, quite a few of their toys, and lots of other stuff that I thought would be safe down there.


I was so upset, and so disgusted that I just left the whole mess down there when I moved out, so they’re probably in some landfill in Hampton Roads, Virginia now.

So you could imagine how happy I was to see this picture again, courtesy of one of my friends on Facebook that I went to high school with (and was in the band with. They are in the picture above).

Wow! Just wow!

That’s all from where I sit.



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