School is closed Tuesday due to weather

It started getting dicey outside after my 9:30am class (History of Journalism).

On the way to my math class in the library, I saw about 4 people slip and fall on the then thin sheet of ice, and wondered about the girl in my math class who is recovering from foot surgery. She got there okay, as did the guy on crutches, but slipping and sliding across the campus is not my preferred mode of transportation.

After math class was over shortly before noon, there was an announcement that the campus would be closing at 1pm due to weather.

So, I carefully go across the street to the bus shelter, where no fewer than 8 people are waiting for one of the three buses that stop there.

Fortunately, my bus comes first, and after picking my way across the sidewalk with the help of another passenger, I get on the bus. I decided to take the bus past my apartment where it loops around the Walmart parking lot for its return trip to UCO, so I can get off the bus near the complex without having to cross Danforth. In this case, I’d rather arrive in one piece than save time.

It’s not like I’d be going somewhere later…

At 6pm, it was announced on UCOnnect and the local media that UCO will be closed all day tomorrow. I wouldn’t have gone even if they decided to open. I’m just simply not going to risk broken bones and bruises to get to school.

I hope it’s only the one day, and not three like the ice storm last winter. They’re predicting that things are going to calm down by Wednesday, but you never know.

And power outtages are not fun, so the damn lights better stay on this time!

That’s all from where I sit.



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