Shame on you!

The following was posted on Big Blue Couch earlier this afternoon:

Shame on you Adrian Riley!

This person stole the post on Big Blue Couch and posted it on his blog as his own without giving me proper credit or gaining permission from me. His blog is on Blogger and can be found here.

Apparently, Adrian Riley has done this to other bloggers on WordPress, as I heard from one of them via a comment on the Big Blue Couch “About” page.

If this has happened to you, there is something you can do. A man named Michael left a comment on the page mentioned above, and he said, in part:

I have been providing folks with two Google email addresses (Google owns Blogger) where they can file a complaint about this person. The email addresses are:

Also, if you visit this person’s site, you can click on one of the “Ads by Google” link, where you can file a complaint against this person with AdSense (there is no reason that this person should be generating revenue off of your writings).

In addition, WordPress has a “fill-in” form you can use to let them know that someone else has stolen your content. The link to that form is:

If you do file a complaint, be sure to include the direct URL to your post as well as the URL to the location is has been reposted.

Internet plaigirism will NOT be tolerated on any of my blogs, either the ones on WordPress or the previous one I have on Blogger. If you’re in doubt, see the page entitled “The Last Word”.

You’ve been called out Adrian Riley. I suspect your blogging days are numbered. Write your own stuff and don’t steal content from those of us who do write our own stuff.

That’s all from where I sit.



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