I’m going back to school on Thursday. Yay!

Well, it looks like week 3 of 16 at UCO will be able to be salvaged. I’ll be going back to my Tuesday-Thursday classes (Human Communications and American Lit), and the one class I have on Friday (Algebra). Missed both Intro to Mass Comm meetings, so that may screw things up on the syllabus a bit.

But, school will be open tomorrow! This staying home because of the weather is a real drag.

At least I got out today and got some stuff done.


Just heard on the news that the peanut plant in Georgia where the samonella tainted peanut products came from knew 2 years ago that they had a bad batch, and kept having it tested until they got the answer they wanted (negative for salmonella).

Now, if you’re the families of the people who died from salmonella poisoning, you should be extremely pissed off! What was this company thinking in putting out products they knew were bad? Was it a cost saving measure? Laziness? Greed? Hopefully we’ll find out about that soon and shut these bastards down.


I still can’t believe my friend Steve is gone. It makes me sad, because he was a really nice person and a great friend to me as well as to others.

I’ve decided, that when more information is available about funeral plans, that I’m going to send his family a card. If I can swing it (and the family allows it) I may send a small floral arrangement. I know I can’t go to Virginia to attend.

I’m still reeling from the news. It’s about all I’ve thought about in the last 24 hours.


That’s all from where I sit.


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