School is open, come on in, y’all!

It was nice to get back to a routine and go to classes today. I was getting stir crazy sitting in my apartment for the last couple of days. After I read chapters from three of my textbooks, did math homework, and piddle around on the computer, I was truly bored out of my mind!

And this week’s sad news from Norfolk didn’t help. If I wasn’t bored, I was thinking about the friend I lost and how he’ll be missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him.


After Human Communications, I had about two hours until American Lit, so I went over to one of my favorite people watching places on campus, Buddy’s (aka Central Cafeteria).

Usually, the food there is pretty good, but today, there was this chicken marsala that was so greasy, I could feel my arteries clog up just looking at it. So I got a hot dog, some pizza, and a salad from the salad bar.

While I was getting my pizza, I bumped into another student (or he bumped into me, I couldn’t tell which), and next thing I know, his pizza slices are toppings down on the floor. I apologized and he told me not to worry about it, he’d just get more. So I went to find someone to tell about the mess, and found this elderly employee who looked as though she’d been working there since the school opened for classes in 1891! Okay, okay, not THAT old, but you get the idea. I told her there was some pizza on the floor and could someone clean it up before someone slipped on it and got hurt, and she told me that she’d find someone.

I went back to my table and ate, and attempted to re-read the Emily Dickinson poems that we’d been assigned in American Lit last Thursday, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything by that time. So I tried reading the copy of the New York Times I grabbed on my way out of the Comm Building, and that was just as bad as reading Dickinson, because I couldn’t concentrate on that, either. Mostly, the NYT just made me mad because one of the stories on the front page was about some Wall Street types who gave themselves ginormous bonuses… after they’d gone to the government pleading poverty and getting a bailout. Even President Obama called it “shameful”.


I need a distraction… seriously. Anything to keep some of these disconnected thoughts out of my head so I can concentrate on homework.

That’s all from where I sit.



4 thoughts on “School is open, come on in, y’all!

  1. Sure am having a blast with all this college stuff. The classes are not easy (which is good), so they challenge me; and Mass Comm is something I should have gone for years ago. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Hey, I should’ve found you years ago! I’m also back at school for an Journalism/English degree but now I have kids! Today I write for a weekly and search for a staff job at another small paper. Where is your Kate Chopin post? I love that story and I want to know what you thought. Isn’t Lit the greatest???

  3. It’s the most recent post as of right now (1oam CST 3.7.09), entitled “I should be in bed now, but I’m not”.

    I do love this class, and I’ve always liked a good story, so I’m doing pretty well with the material. Some of it, like “The Awakening”, is a good read but can be such a downer, since you either suspect or already know that it’s not going to end well. I would love to be able to emulate her style in my own writing, though.

    Where are you going to school, and how long until you get your degree?

    Thanks for stopping by, and come by anytime!

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