Dear AT&T: did it have to take a freaking act of Congress

to just admit you screwed up my account? If you had done what I requested two months in a row, I wouldn’t have found myself in the position of reformatting my modem so I can get on the freakin’ internet!

Maybe YOU should pay ME to be your customer… because you sure came close to me telling you to go perform an anatomically impossible act upon your person.

48 hours, is, in my opinion, too long to have to wait for you to fix your mistake, then have the rep screw that up so badly that I ended up figuring it out for myself. Oh, and he hung up on me…

After all, I kind of need this service to do things with school. I paid my bill, so you should have fixed the problem  your reps messed up.

Oh, and there are plenty of people here in the United States who would gladly work one of those call center jobs, instead of shipping work to places like Mumbai.  I’m one of them.

Thank you.


I’ve caught another cold. Woke up this morning with a cough and a stuffy nose.


Other things happened, but I’ll write about those later.


That’s all from where I sit.



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