Gearing up for the weekend…

Exciting stuff going on at casa de Stef…




Yep… loads and loads of fun.

I really have nothing planned this weekend. It’s a play it by ear kinda weekend.

Except that my birthday is Monday, and the family might have something planned. No one’s asked me about where I want to go for dinner though.  So, unless that happens, I won’t be expecting to be doing anything.

Besides, I have homework to catch up on, so at least my mind will be busy.

It really sucks to miss time from school because of being sick. I wish I could be tough like Larry and soldier on anyway (and I’m laughing at how silly that sounds because he’s the last person who would say he was tough).

So, I’ll be playing catch-up this weekend, might have a birthday thing going on, and doing my taxes.


That’s all from where I sit.



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