I probably should do something

…about my hair.

It seems to have grown out since I had it cut last month. Why didn’t my hair grow this fast when I was young and had long hair?

I’m glad the long hair is gone though. What a pain in the @$$ it was! Had I kept it long all these years, I’d look like an old crone, instead of the chic middle ager I am.

Me? Chic? Surely you jest! I just wanted a change in looks to go with the new attitude after I jettisoned the 200lbs of excess baggage (i.e. my ex husband).

Last year, I got it cut real short on my birthday (which was on a Saturday last year). I’ve been trying to keep it short and that works for me. Just fluff ‘n’ go in the morning (I wish! My hair has never been that easy to style!).

Maybe I’ll do it Monday.


I hope Larry is feeling better.


Me? I feel pretty damn good! Yee haw!

(the rodeo is NEXT weekend, isn’t it? Oops!)

That’s all from where I sit.



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