Studying, tests, homework… this is my life

It seems that’s all I do anymore. What ever free time I do have I carve out of study time and school.

I’m not complaining, but sometimes, I just need a break. Spring break is coming, but not for another month.

I missed my math class last Friday because I overslept. Now I have a test to make up.

I have a test tomorrow in History of Journalism. I think I’ll be okay with that one. But I had a test sneak up on me in another class, and I hate with a passion being unprepared.

I need to budget my time better. Time just gets away from me.

Maybe I do need a roommate. Someone who’ll keep me honest and help me manage my time better. After the tornado last week, being here by myself is losing its appeal.

I need to hit the books harder, I think. But, I need my “me time” too.

That’s all from where I sit.



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