O sweet sleep, why do you evade me?

Over the last couple of days, I may have gotten, at most, 8-10 hours of sleep. Not per night. Total.

This morning, I woke up with a headache so bad, that even Aleve couldn’t touch it. I turned on lights and they hurt my eyes to the point of nausea. Because of this, I missed two of the three classes I had today.

I know what you’re thinking: that I have migraines. Thing is, I’ve never had a headache this bad until today, and I’ve never had a migraine. My late maternal grandmother had them (she called them her “sick headaches”) and my sister has them occasionally. I never have.

And that’s what scares me. That after 45 years, I’ve developed migraines. I don’t know if this is why I couldn’t sleep the last two nights (because I didn’t have the headache until this morning), or some other cause. Sometimes, I’ll get bad headaches if I’m trying to cut caffeine out of my diet, but even the worst of those were not anything near what I woke up with this morning.

There’s got to be a reason why I can’t sleep. The only other reason is that I’m experiencing a fibromyalgia flare (and I’ve not had one of those in months, because I’ve been watching what I put in my mouth as far as chemicals are concerned).

I will most likely have to see a doctor about all this. This concerns me greatly. I don’t think I could have another headache like the one this morning. That damn near incapacitated me!

That’s all from where I sit.



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