Pink… drawers?

He says they match the boat he races.

Okay, Mr. Jordan, whatever you say! 🙂

He was a goofy guy in high school, too. But that’s what makes him so endearing to people.

But, I don’t know the backstory… what he’s been doing for nearly 30 years!

There’s the you of 1979, then there’s the you of 2009, and those two people aren’t the same. Thirty years of other stuff happened. I got married and moved away. He, on the other hand, stayed put and lived life. It was only until Facebook brought a bunch of us back together that we’ve tried to catch up on each other’s lives. I guess that’s what the Multi-class Reunion this summer is for. Too bad I can’t go. I’m here in Oklahoma, and the reunion is in Orange County, CA where I grew up.

Just when I think I’ve decided that maybe I should attend reunions, there has be something that gets in the way, like geography and finances.


I’m glad I didn’t stay put though. I’d never had had the experiences I’ve had in my life if I stayed in Costa Mesa.

Still I know people in my life now who never really left and had enriching experiences anyway. How many people can say they work within a mile of where they went to high school like Larry can? Or live in the same house they grew up in like several of my high school classmates can? Or travel the world and return to your hometown to retire like Chaz did?

I had wanderlust. I wanted to see different places, experience different things, and meet a wide variety of people. That wanderlust was cured when I went alone to Wyoming almost three years ago.

I still want to see different places, new places and have new experiences… but I want to do those things with other people. Or one other person.

Maybe after 27 years of running, I’m finally ready to stay put. I like Oklahoma City… I think I’ll stay a spell.

That’s all from where I sit.



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